What people are saying about Ventura Improv Company

“(Ventura Improv Company) has continued to be a wonderful place to teach, perform, and laugh.”
— Dan O’Connor, Impro Theatre, Los Angeles

“The Ventura Improv Company is the center of a talented and engergized community of improvisers.
— Sam Shaw, founder, San Francisco Improv Festival

“(Ventura Improv Company) serves up more laughs per hour than a Neil Simon play, a TV sitcom or a comedy-room show … at a price less than the admission to any other live performance in the county.”
— Spencer-Lorraine, The Reporter

Props and Kudos

  • First Place, California State TheatreSports Competition, 2000
  • Finalist, Best Comedy Club, 2004-2016, VC Reporter’s Readers Poll


Eternally hilarious. Go for the funny, stay for the snacks!
Liz S.

Had a great time!! Looking forward to another show next time we visit Ventura.
Dean T.

We’ve been coming here for 30+ years. They always put on a fun show. And the prices are reasonable.
Jill F.

This is a great group of people that bring the audience into the skits. I recommend everyone go at least once.
Scott S.

A fabulous evening out…awesome show, you won’t be disappointed. Very talented & funny!!
Denise H.

Hilarious staff and actors. Family friendly and a small audience means you can get up on stage and be part of the show also. My daughter and I got that fun experience.
Sonny S.

I have been looking for a skills building/stage craft class for a long time now. I am grateful for being pointed in your direction! Your class was everything promised!
Lindsey K.

Love what you do for the world. make us laugh, one person at a time. always a good time, always getting younger. thanks for what you offer to the little town called Ventura and from here, the world.
Keya M.

What a great night of laughs…if you haven’t visited the Improv, treat yourself…or if it’s been a while since you’ve been there, ask yourself ‘why?’ Laughing is so good for the soul!!
Debe B.

Awesome. I want more!
Christian O.

I laughed so hard my face hurt.
Karen H.

HAHAHAHA This place is sooo hilarious!  I love coming here! My favorite bit is when they take a purse from the audience and they go thru it and act out a scene! That alone could be an all night show….just too funny! I’m not a fan of the singing routenes for some reason…they just dont set right with me. I think this is a good place for good clean fun! All proceeds go towards the rent and classes. Its wonderful 🙂
Kelly O.

You guys are hilarious! Hope to learn it myself soon!
Anna R.

I was thinking it was going to be a hokey group of amateurs but within moments the house was packed and Dude and I were laughing so hard we were crying. We’ve since recommended it to several other couples and they have all had a great time.  We will definitely be back. It is worth checking out, for sure.
Jenn K.

Family friendly. Down-to-earth comedy. A lot of fun. Audience involved.
Brittany G.

The price is comparable to going to an evening movie, but the shows at the Ventura Improv Company are that much more entertaining.
Danielle K.

Great, relaxed, cooperative  vibe. Really talented people
Katrina G.

I was expecting a smile or two and maybe a laugh. I am not easily impressed with live comedy. But… the show was EXCELLENT. I have not laughed out loud as much in 90 minutes since I was a tour guide in Europe! This is just to say a big THANK YOU to all involved for giving me a very Happy and Funny Birthday
David S.

I just want to express to you my sincere thanks for a truly memorable birthday party. You are all so incredibly witty and talented. It was an absolute pleasure to see you perform. Thank you for a wonderful night.
Beth C.

Unexpected good time. We’ll be back!
Debra C.

It’s funny.  The people are real. And it’s creative.
Scott S.

The drop-in improv workshops for adults: $10 well spent. So much better than going to a movie!
Maggie T.

What a great evening, awesome way to bring the day to closure. We laughed our way out.
Keya M.

Thank you for a great show last night. I laughed for two hours straight.
Susan G.

Thank you for the awesome entertainment! Getting pulled onstage was really rather fun. I can’t wait to spend a bit of time again at the Improv Company to improve my weekend.
Ashley V.

Great show tonight guys, looking forward to coming back for sure.
Miik B.

Wow what a night! You are such amazingly talented and kind folks. Thank you, thank you, thank you
Diane S.

You all were fabulous last night, what a kick! We are still recovering. We saw the sign and stopped in on a lark. We’ll definitely be back!
Mark K.

Enjoyed the show very much Saturday nite – tip o’ the hat to the whole Company.
Dave B.

I’ve gone to many of your shows and had the fun of getting up on stage. I really love what you do and am coming tonight!
Calla G.

One of the best ways to spend an night. Great talented performers great music just a whole lot of famliy fun. This is one of the few places where you feel welcomed to be there, great interaction between the performers and guests after the show YOU GUYS ROCK
Edgar C.

full house last night! and thank you for giving me a bday treat making my hard working husband laugh SO HARD and newly minted teen boy’s face light up (not an easy task). Even my happy go lucky 11 y.o. found some silly moments. We are becoming regulars!
Nina D.