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Ventura Improv Company’s 2013 Labor Day Weekend Festival
Fri Aug 30 • Sat Aug 31 • Sun September 1

Thanks to all who attended Impro-con! It was a wonderful festival, thanks to you!

About our musicians

George Morgan

George Morgan

George Morgan has been involved with VIC since 1994. A produced playwright since the age of 16, George is a composer, musician, screenwriter and novelist. A self-taught writer, George decided in 2007 to enroll at Cal State Channel Islands as a Creative Writing major. George has been a member of the Writers Guild of America since 2001 and has been the Playwright in Residence at Caltech. He just published his book, Rocket Girl, this summer.

Richard Allen

Richard Allen

Richard Allen is an award-winning composer, musician and performer.

About our guest performers

Smorgas-prov Labor Day Weekend Improv Fest

Now Town
Friday August 30 • 8-9pm

With several decades of improv experience among the the three members of Now Town (Jenn, Sara and Max), the residents of Now Town perform short form improvised scenes, as well as full-length improvised plays. Welcome to Now Town; Established: Now.

Improviad visitors: DK & Morgan

The DK & Morgan Show
Friday August 30 • 9-10pm
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The DK and Morgan show is a two man comedy team that blends sketch, improv, and stand up comedy into one tight little ball of fun. And it’s tasty.

Kind Strangers - appearing at Improviad
Kind Strangers
Saturday August 31 • 8-9pm
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Kind Strangers perform Improvised narratives and genres including their famed Improvised Tennessee Williams, Greek Tragedy, The Western, Law and Order, Medical Drama, Kind Strangers are the Last People on Earth: An Improvised Apocalypse and Charles Dickens (Holiday Show). Official Selections: LA Improv Festival, San Francisco Improv Festival, Out of Bounds Comedy Festival in Austin, Tx, Phoenix Improv Festival and Seattle Improv Festival.

Mission IMPROVable

Mission IMPROVable
Saturday August 31 • 9-10pm
One of the longest running improv shows in Los Angeles, and the oldest established comedy team in Santa Monica. Their secret agent style of shortform improv is featured every weekend as the main stage act at the Westside Comedy Theater. They also have a thriving touring company which recently won Campus Activities Magazine’s Comedy Act of the Year award in 2011 and Entertainer of the Year in 2012.