Two Fantastic Shows! 7-9 pm and 9-11pm

Saturday, September 5, 7-9pm: USS Rock ‘n Roll

USS Rock n Roll

Tickets: $10/adult; $8/seniors and under 12; get both Saturday shows for $15!

USS Rock ‘n Roll is Los Angeles’ #1 long-form improvisation comedy party team! The mission is this: to set sail aboard a comedy vessel that would bring funny to the sad, indigenous peoples of the world. The group comprises of Molly Hale, Annie Hoff, Bryan Irzyk, Riki Kalil, Tony Lewellen, Phillip Mottaz, Levin O’Connor, and Dave Taylor. Website

Saturday, September 5, 9-11pm: The New 19

new 19

Tickets: $10/adult; $8/seniors and under 12; get both Saturday shows for $15!

The New 19 is a three-person improvisational experience based in Los Angeles. Their dynamic show, “The Short and the Long of IT,” includes scenes, games and full-length narrative plays. Making everything up before the audience’s very eyes, these skillful and cheeky improvisers mine the depths of the human experience for comedy gold! The New 19 is Jenn Chou, Danny Jacobs, and Seth Brown. Facebook page

Tickets and Reservations

Please note the special ticket prices for this weekend. Vouchers, coupons or special promotional tickets will not be accepted for Labor Day weekend, Sept 4-6.

  • Friday and Sunday shows (3 hours): $15/adult; $13/seniors and under 12
  • Saturday shows: $10/adult; $8/seniors and under 12; get both Saturday shows for $15!


  • To reserve tickets, call (805) 643-5701 x2 or email