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Ventura Improv Company’s Labor Day Comedy Festival enters its Ninth Year
Long-running festival welcomes groups and performers from LA, San Francisco, and beyond

Ventura, CA (August 15, 2008) — Labor Day weekend marks 3 nights of improvisational comedy shows offered by some of the best performers in the west at Laughstock, the 9th annual comedy improv festival hosted by the Ventura Improv Company (VIC).

This year’s festival schedules a marathon of shows all weekend long starting Friday from 7-11pm, moving on to Saturday from 6-11pm, and finishing with the Sunday “Master of the Universe” grand finale and more from 6-11pm.

Featured in Saturday night’s lineup are favorite guests to the VIC stage, Los Angeles troupe Impro Theatre. Also on the boards are two newcomers to the festival: San Francisco’s Crisis Hopkins and LA’s Nation of Improv, accomplished and popular long-form improv groups.

“Laughstock is an incredible opportunity to witness some of the best improv in the known universe,” says Tom Mueller, director of Ventura Improv Company. “Not only that, but it gives the performers a chance to come together, exchange ideas, and strengthen our thriving improv community.”

About Ventura Improv Company

In 1989, an improviser from the Bay Area TheatreSports™ group came to visit her mother in Santa Paula and while there she put on an improv workshop. At that time, there were a handful of performers doing improv in Ventura, and several of them, including current leaders of the group, Gary Best and Tom Mueller, attended that workshop. The two considered that workshop “a revelation,” and went on to form a local TheatreSports™ league.

In the two decades since then, the group has grown in both size and scope and recently created an exciting new vision and strategic plan that they hope will accelerate the growth of their current audience and the scope of their future offerings.

Laughstock Labor Weekend Schedule

Schedule is subject to change.

Friday, August 29: Show #1

  • 7:00 Free-for-All — we invite members of improv groups from all over to compete in this hilarious, freeform improv melee!
  • 8:00 Spontaneous Broadway — an improvised, full-length, Broadway-style musical, based on your suggestions!

Friday, August 29: Show #2

  • 9:00 TheatreSports Show — Comedy improv teams, composed of our local and guest improvisers, compete to the the best improvisers of the weekend!

Saturday, August 30: Show #1

  • 6:00 Free-for-All — we invite members of improv groups from all over to compete in this hilarious, freeform improv melee
  • 7:00 Micetro — It’s Survivor-style elimi-prov! Each player is assigned a number. The show’s director then selects numbers at random, and asks the players to perform an improv scene or game. You, the audience, judge the player until one winning improviser, the Micetro, remains standing.
  • 8:00 Impro Theatre — Our amazing friends from Los Angeles will present a special show. Details to follow. Visit the Impro Theatre website

Saturday, August 30: Show #2

  • 9:00 Crisis Hopkins — Crisis Hopkins is a Bay Area comedy improv troupe that infuses games, scenes, and comedy of the fast and slow variety in an evening of in-the-moment hilarity. Valuing joy above elegance and play above dignity, Crisis Hopkins commits to the moment and finds inspiration in the topics of the day and the experiences of its players. Crisis Hopkins website
  • 10:00 Nation of Improv – LA’s ONLY All-African American improv ensemble transforms the stage into any place imaginable! Performing their signature fast-and-funny long-form show, Nation has become one of the hottest African-American improv groups in the US! Nation of Improv website

Sunday, August 31

  • 6:00 Free-for-All — we invite members of improv groups from all over to compete in this hilarious, freeform improv melee
  • 7:00 Master of the Universe — improvisors from all over compete to be the last improviser standing, in this 3-hour spectacular


  • Friday: $10 for Show #1, $10 for Show #2
  • Saturday: $10 for Show #1, $10 for Show #2
  • Sunday: $15 for the night (6-10pm)
  • Passport: One admission to all shows (Fri/Sat/Sun): $50
  • Note: All tickets for all attendees are $10 each. Discounts or coupons do not apply to these special shows.


  • To reserve tickets, call (805) 643-5701 or email
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance for groups of 10 or more.
  • Requests for refunds can be made up to 24 hours before the show.