Labor Day Weekend!
Laughstock IV: Comedy Improv Festival
Friday, August 29-Sunday, August 3

Saturday, August 30: Show #1

  • 6:00 Free-for-All — we invite members of improv groups from all over to compete in this hilarious, freeform improv melee!
  • 7:00 Last Minute Improv Show — It will be funny. It will be weird and wonderful. We just don’t know what it is yet. Our improvisers from all over the west will come together and put on a show. Don’t miss it — whatever it will be!
  • 8:00 Operetta Unscripted — Think Gilbert and Sulivan meets Whose Line Is It Anyway?. Full length, improvised play based on your suggestions — and completely sung! Musical, hilarious fun.

Saturday, August 30: Show #2
9:00pm onward

  • 9:00 Crisis Hopkins — Crisis Hopkins is a Bay Area comedy improv troupe that infuses games, scenes, and comedy of the fast and slow variety in an evening of in-the-moment hilarity. Valuing joy above elegance and play above dignity, Crisis Hopkins commits to the moment and finds inspiration in the topics of the day and the experiences of its players. Crisis Hopkins website

    Crisis Hopkins

  • 10:00 Nation of Improv – LA’s ONLY All-African American improv ensemble transforms the stage into any place imaginable! Performing their signature fast-and-funny long-form show, Nation has become one of the hottest African-American improv groups in the US! Nation of Improv website

    Nation of Improv


  • $10 for Show #1 (6-9 pm), $10 for Show #2 (9-11)
  • Passport: One admission to all shows (Fri/Sat/Sun): $50
  • Note: All tickets for all attendees are $10 each. Discounts or coupons do not apply to these special shows.


  • To reserve tickets, call (805) 643-5701 or email
  • Tickets must be purchased in advance for groups of 10 or more.
  • Requests for refunds can be made up to 24 hours before the show.