VIC's New Year's Eve 2014

From 2014: Thanks to all who came to our extra-special New Year’s Eve show at the Rubicon! You made it special.

Relive the fun of our New Year’s Eve show at the VIC! Photos taken by our own Julie D — many thanks to her for these beautiful shots!

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Donor/Sponsor Shoutout!

Thanks so much to the following organizations and individuals to their New Year’s Eve donations, sponsorships, and year-end giving! Please contact us if we have missed your name.

  • Capriccio
  • Ciabara Salon
  • Cindy Carter
  • Cindy Nichols
  • David Sharp
  • Five Element Acupuncture/Kathleen MacGregor
  • Four Brix Wintery
  • Jim Deardorff
  • Kat Merrick
  • Michael Moss
  • Paul Tevis
  • Pete’s Breakfast House
  • Richard Allen
  • Judy Gottlieb
  • Seaside Outdoor Fitness
  • Soul Centered
  • Spencer Lorraine
  • Ventura Harbor Comedy Club
  • Ventura Limoncello Company
  • World Ventures Travel/Stephen Joyce