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Ventura Improv Company Valentine’s Show

By Gazette Staff Writer — Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Ventura, CA – Ventura Improv Company is having its annual Valentine’s Day comedy show on Saturday, February14th at the comedy group’s theatre in downtown Ventura.

The show is a special celebration of Valentine’s Day with a focus on the ups and downs of love and relationships — or the lack thereof. Singles, couples and everyone in between are welcome. The price of admission includes sparkling wine or cider, flowers and chocolate.

“We’ve developed the Valentine’s show tradition over the past few years. The improv can be funny and touching, and the audience appreciates the special perks,” says Judy Gottlieb, Vice President of Ventura Improv Company.

Tickets are $15/person, and $12 for ages 16 and under. Please note: No other discounts or complimentary tickets can be honored for this special show. Gift certificates may be used for the cost of full-price tickets.

More information or reservations can be obtained by calling (805) 643-5701 or emailing

About Ventura Improv Company

In 1989, an improviser from the Bay Area TheatreSports™ group came to visit her mother in Santa Paula and while there she put on an improv workshop. At that time, there were a handful of performers doing improv in Ventura, and several of them, including current leaders of the group, Gary Best and Tom Mueller, attended that workshop. The two considered that workshop “a revelation,” and went on to form a local TheatreSports™ league.

In the years since then, Ventura Improv Company (VIC) has grown in both size and scope, offering improv workshops for adults and youth, other movement classes, and comedy improv shows every Friday and Saturday night. Located in the historic Livery area of downtown Ventura, the theatre is a popular destination for visitors and locals alike. Both the VIC performers and theatre space are available for private events.

VIC will be celebrating its 20th year in 2009 with more special events later this year.