Ventura Improv Fest 2015

Ventura Improv Fest 2015
Labor Day Weekend
September 4, 5, 6

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Save the date! We bring back our beloved tradition — three nights of amazing comedy improv, just for you! We will welcome groups from all over California on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday of Labor Day weekend. Don’t miss the fun and join the VIC family for this amazing event!

Now accepting applications! Are you an improv-performing group that would like to be part of the funnest festival in town? Submit your information, below!

Submission to Ventura Improv Fest

No submission fees! This year’s fest is totally free to submit to. You are applying for a 45-50 minute performing slot on Friday 9/4 or Saturday 9/5. If your show is longer than the time allotted, let us know in the “Notes” section, below.

Please note, the VIC is volunteer run and there will be no payment or reimbursement to performers. We may be able to offer show discounts to attending friends of performers – TBA.

The VIC is a 75-seat house in beautiful downtown Ventura, California. Our Fest is very popular and we tend to have good audiences for most shows. The fest offers three nights of shows to our audiences, and workshops to our improv students, performers and visiting improvisers.

Please fill out the following form by August 10

  • Name of person or group submitting to this festival
  • Group acts, please give us the names of all the performers that will attend this festival.
  • What city is the act from?
  • Please give us a point person for your act.
  • If you've got one!
  • If you've got one! Please include full URL.
  • If you've got one!
  • List your festivals you've been in (if any), as well as shows/venues at which you've performed/current perform.
  • Got a video? Please include the full URL.
  • If some/any of your group can attend other parts of our Festival, great! Select the shows/workshops you can attend.
  • Any needs for your show, like special tech? Let us know here.
  • Are you interested in leading a workshop during this weekend? There is some compensation involved. Let us know by clicking "Yes" below and we'll contact you.